You became a business owner for more time and greater rewards


But, there’s a problem if…

  • You don’t have a proactive CPA that brings you ideas and implements them to reduce your income taxes,
  • You don’t have a strategy being implemented to scale your business, and/or
  • Too much of your business relies on you and you feel trapped in your business


You’re wasting time and effort. With our business / tax coach we have the solutions to cut your taxes and turn your CPA expense into an investment.


    Know that your business has a solid
    financial foundation


    Have a clear plan of action for business


    Be prepared for every phase of your
    growing business

Failing to implement a plan is costing

you time and money every day!

You have a simple choice to make for the success of your business.

You can continue risking missed opportunities and feeling vulnerable to changes that you don’t foresee in your business. Or, you can gain confidence and clarity, with a specific plan of action for your business growth with our Business/ tax Coach.


    Schedule a call so we can learn about
    your business and determine what is
    working and what is not working.


    We analyze your current business
    situation and discover any missed
    opportunities, then develop an action plan.


    We start cutting your taxes right away
    with your proactive tax plan. Finally enjoy
    being certain about your business future!

Free Mini Tax Planning Session

We’ll review your last year’s tax return in detail and look for mistakes and missed opportunities. There is no cost or obligation for your free analysis and estimate of tax savings, and the meeting lasts just 30 minutes.  It’s even possible to start saving as soon as your next paycheck or even skip your next tax payment all together!


The only question left is when do you want to start paying less in taxes?