Taruna Kanani, CPA, MS/TAX, CTC

Founder & Lead Tax Strategist


Phone: (201) 201-3363

Growing up in a family of businessmen, and later marrying a Jeweler helped Taruna understand how much hard work you’ve put in to get where you are now. Because of her background in accounting and tax she has always looked after her family’s finances. And so she always knew where their income was going, and, most importantly, how much they paying in taxes—and it was way too much!

When she realized that her academic work had only taught her how to track money and payments rather than set up strategies to reduce or eliminate as much taxes as possible, she quickly figured out how to keep more of hard-earned money, including using strategies available to businesses that make $200k and more. These strategies have allowed her family and her client’s families to spend more time together, contribute to retirement, set up children’s college funds, and invest more in family interests.

Professionally she enjoys managing the firm and listening to her clients’ needs to discover the “why” or “how” that helps her identify strategies that save them money. Her passions for numbers and people make her an excellent CPA and a trusted adviser to all her clients. She treats her clients’ businesses as if they are her own as she quickly envisions and brilliantly executes solutions that make life easier for her clients.

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family. She also enjoys trying new things, be it a piece of art, a food dish, or a DIY project, reinvesting her free time in herself by improving her skills, or studying, or spend time learning from people far more knowledgeable.